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09/16/08 01:26 AM #1    

Jess Carrasco (Carrasco)

Welcome to the Gilbert High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

10/28/08 12:15 AM #2    

Ann Marie Pennington (Clary)

Hey Jess - Great work on this website. I looks awesome! Thanks for all you do. -Ann Marie

11/04/08 12:52 PM #3    

Todd Young

Jess/Gregg and whomever else helped with the creation of this... Top notch. I am still looking for the pay per month section. :) Who'd a thunk one of us could have created a site like this...and it actually works?

11/06/08 09:27 PM #4    

Lorin Ezell (Smith)

Hello all! It's been such a long time! I hope that all is well. Looking forward to the reunion next year.

11/20/08 10:46 AM #5    

Angela Easterwood (Carpenter)

Your both doing such a great job! Your families are beautiful! :0) Can't wait until the reunion!

11/24/08 02:20 AM #6    

Stephen Fisher

Who remembers the keggers out at the dairy?

12/04/08 06:55 PM #7    

Shawn Christensen

Great job on the web site! Looking forward to seeing everyone and going to the big 20!

12/25/08 06:13 PM #8    

Matt Farley

Merry Christmas and many happy days this new year to all.

01/03/09 11:01 PM #9    

Becky Tarin (Thomas)

This is really cool, I am sure it was a lot of work. Thanks Greg and Jess you did a great job. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 20 year!

01/08/09 01:17 PM #10    

Lori Hammer (Vialpando)

Thanks so much to Jess & Gregg for putting this together, all I did was some quick poking around on the net and here you are! Love it, lost touch with most for a while, but back again and would love to hear from you all! Hope to hear more about the 20 year soon so we can get planning!

01/09/09 12:33 PM #11    

Andrew Vanderpool

The Pics are great but it would be great if the entire year book was on there. (evil maniacal laughter) (some people can only complain.) Actually this site made my day. I have spent the last two hours (It's work time so I don't tell my boss) checking everyone out. I love all the people that have posted pictures on there, especially pre and post pictures. Truth to tell I don't remember any of you yahoos(Just kidding it's probably the other way around) It might have something to do with always getting kicked in the head playing sports and getting heat stroke running cross country.

02/17/09 11:38 PM #12    


Dianna Bernot (Blackburn)

Awesome Job on this website. It is so great to see everyones pics again from the yearbook. I can't believe its already been 20yrs. This is an excellent way to keep in touch. Thanks :-)

02/17/09 11:52 PM #13    

Kirsten Thude (Chaison)

The site is really wonderful! I look almost every week to see who's made changes! So after reading that Rudy T is an opera singer -- I was thinking we could have a fun talent show - some may still have real talent - or just want to have fun????

02/18/09 11:26 PM #14    

Kimberly Uhles (Fortner)

This is amazing!! You boys have done a wonderful job on this website. I'm excited about seeing everyone at the reunion.

02/19/09 12:25 PM #15    

Cindy Martinez (Lehn)

Hi everyone :OD!!! It's so great to see alot of you on this website...Awesome job Jess & Gregg!!!
Hope to hear from you soon and looking forward to the 20 yr reunion!
Dang time has pasted way to fast lol ...

Cindy Martinez (Lehn) :O)

03/07/09 01:46 AM #16    

Darcy Hogan (Austin)

Hey everyone!!!! Great job on the website! I can't believe it's been 20 years!! WOW!! Looking forward to seeing all of you at the reunion!!! I love seeing everyone's pictures on here! Hope to hear from some of you!

03/12/09 04:34 PM #17    

Brandon Hellman

What going on all? I fell like an old man when people say you are going to have your 20 yr reunion. Well everyone enjoy your day and enjoy what you have now.

05/13/09 09:30 PM #18    

Dawn Kalepp (Richards)

The website looks awesome!! You guys did a great job and look forward to seeing you all at the reunion.

05/29/13 08:01 PM #19    


Marc Lemaire

May 29th, 2013-Many of our Gilbert High friends share a common friend in Jed Packer. I am sad to report that this afternoon in his sleep Jed Packer lost his battle with cancer. Jed was 42 years old.

10/22/15 09:35 PM #20    

Angelica Valenzuela

I Know This Is A Silly Question. Does Anyone Know Hoe I Can Get A Hold Of A Class Of '89 Year Book?

02/15/17 12:02 PM #21    

Dave Brimer

Great job on the yearbook page. There have been several there that have passed away unfortunately and their names need to be added. Facebook has been a great resource for many of these. I also think that we should pay tribute to the teachers we have lost also.

06/11/19 04:33 AM #22    

Dave Brimer

30th Class Reunion is coming!

The event is scheduled for August 17 at the Tempe Embassy Suites.  There is a website where you can sign up  If you can make it out it would be great to see you.  Please sign up early so we can get the guarantees needed for the hotel!



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